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Friendship Talk / Natalia & Marysia

Friendship Talks is Alternation's new project where we invite creative souls and friends. We, the founders (Stefania & Veronika) are best friends and we believe that real and honest friendship lets us be stronger and better each day.


For the first cycle of our story we invited Natalia & Marysia and we asked them what friendship means to them. Find out who they are, what they do and how great friends they are. 


What is friendship to me?

 I'm an introvert by nature. As an introvert, I am quite shy. It's not easy for me to share my emotions with others. However, there are certain relationships in which i feel safe, comfortable and I forget about the fact that I'm an introvert. Friendship is such a strong and sincere relationship that allows me to be myself. I always try to be a good and understanding listener towards my friends. I'm always there when they need my support. I have a few close friends that I have known for over a dozen years. The great thing is that for so many years we have been going through life together and experiencing it together - through high school adolescence, student times, and now "adult life".

Who am I?

I have been passionate about art since childhood. I come from an artistic family, so since I was a child I have been observing the lives of artists and their creative process. It was fascinating for me. However, quite recently I understood that art is also my direction in life. Currently, I am finalizing the Arties Family project - a project focused on promoting and supporting Polish contemporary art as well as supporting artists in building their image of the market position of their works.


My mission is to let the artist focus on doing what he can do best - creating. And I'll take care of everything else. Besides, I love to cook and invite my friends to dinner.


Marysia is on the left side of the photo and she is wearing our mohair cropped top and shirt boxer short. 




What is friendship to me?



A reciprocity made of lots of good and bad moments. It is falling into each other's arms with great joy and ability to find security in friend's arms.
I know I can come to you and just fall to pieces. And you can do exactly the same.
Friendship is our shared, secret world. It is all that you don't have to tell me because I know and you know it too. Because one look is enough for us, and we already feel that everything will be fine.

Who am I?


A friend, sister, and professionally copywriter.
Since 2015, I have been creating the Gender Female profile, which is an open, virtual drawer for me. I keep texts without any cuts, photos, videos and raw columns with a quick punch line. When I write, I get rid of my excess baggage.



Natalia is on the right side of the photo and she is wearing our cotton cropped top and shirt boxer short.